Smith Entertainment Distribution is a 100% independent company offering full-service distribution, marketing, royalty collection, and more for record labels, artists, managers, and distributors.

  • Digital distribution to hundreds of DSPs and nearly every territory in the world

  • Robust platform to access monthly payments, reporting, and streaming analytics via RoyaltyShare

  • Catalog loading assistance — if needed, our team will load content for you

  • Consideration for playlist pitching and marketing by our expert, in-house team

  • Access to powerful marketing tools and platforms

  • Extensive databases of best practices, in-depth articles, and more via our Shake brand.

  • Get your emails answered in a timely manner by the best customer service team in the industry.

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Other Services
  • Video distribution to Apple, VEVO, etc.

  • SoundExchange collections.

  • Additional forms of distribution such as sample packs, STEMS, and cover songs

  • Custom marketing campaign management (social media and advertising)

  • Creative design services to better market your brand and releases

  • Sell Ringtones on mobile devices.

  • Get your music on the digital jukeboxes like TouchTunes and AMI

  • Pre-Save and Pre-Add pages for promotional use

  • YouTube services:

    • Content ID

    • Optimization

    • Composition Collection