Shazam For Artists Verification

May 23, 2017


How can I become a verified artist on Shazam?


You can apply to be a verified artist on Shazam through our self-service verification portal here.


You will find a call to action to the self-service verification portal from Shazam for Artists website.


What is the criteria I need to meet to be verified?


Verification is open to all artists who have registered music on Shazam but if you have less than 1,000 followers your profile may not appear during our verification process. Please wait until you get this many followers before trying again. Additionally, please ensure the social media profile you use to verify your identity matches the name of your Shazam profile or your application may be rejected.


How long does it take to get verified?


We verify artists as quickly as we can but if you don’t have a verified social profile or have less than 1,000 followers it may take a little longer.


I can’t find my artist profile during the verification process, what should I do?


Artist profiles are created automatically providing your music is registered on our platform and we can link to your music on digital stores. Our search gives priority to artists in order of followers so if you have a small amount of Shazams please wait until your follower numbers increase before applying to be verified.


Someone has created a fake profile with my music, how do I resolve this?


We create artist profiles automatically, users are not able to create new profiles. Therefore, please ensure you have accurate profiles set up for your music on other digital stores so we create an accurate profile for you.


There is music by other artists on my Shazam profile, what should I do?


Our artist profiles are automatically created using data from other digital platforms. If your music is linked to a profile that has several artists’ music grouped under one profile then you may see the same issues on Shazam. Please request a new profile with only your music on it on other stores and the changes should be reflected on Shazam.

If your music is displayed correctly on other platforms, please select the incorrect tracks on your profile during the verification process and we can resolve these on Shazam.


What can I do as a verified artist?


Once you are a verified artist you get access to Shazam Connect with which you can engage with your fans & get unique data insights. Shazam music team can also help you grow. Head over to our Shazam for Artists website for more details.


I would like to verify more artists to add to my Shazam Connect account, how do I do this?

There is a button on Shazam Connect at the top right of the page, this will redirect you to the self-verification portal.

I want to verify an artist profile, or a roster of artists. How can I check if the artists are verified or not?

From our self-verification portal, you can search for the artists you are looking to verify. If the artist is already verified, the following message displays: 'this artist is already Shazam verified’, and artist displays with the verified badge.




It is also possible to search for the artist on the Shazam website. It redirects to the artist page, and you’ll be able to see if the verified badge is next to the artist’s name.

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Shazam For Artists Verification

May 23, 2017

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